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A true collaboration between military veterans & media.

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Leverage the power of storytelling through media to explore and enhance the dynamics of human interaction, fostering understanding, empathy, and positive relationships among diverse communities.


Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to spread this message globally, one nation at a time. To accomplish this, we are actively enlisting passionate and motivated film entrepreneurs in each country who share our vision of creating uplifting films. The PEACEMAKERS are actively identifying and assisting those in need, promoting a positive message, and effecting change in local communities.

A Culmination of Stories

Operational Support

Currently, the Peacemaker Coalition is working on assembling a team consisting of both civilians and veterans, drawing on the unique expertise of each group.


Building our Team

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By combining the skills and experiences of media professionals with the diverse skillsets of military veterans, we aim to create a team of storytellers with exceptional talent.




The PEACEMAKERS are working on content that highlights individuals who cross lines of conflict and ideology to connect with one another. Through storytelling, we aim to inspire people to look beyond surface-level differences and choose peace, empathy, and humanity.

conflict and ideology

Currently Producing

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We acknowledge the distinct cultural and ethnic identities that make each of us unique while emphasizing the emotional and human similarities we share both domestically and abroad.

celebrate humanity

Inspire & Elevate



You have a compelling story, we want to hear about it.

“Storytelling can have a more significant impact than the State Department, Military, or Government”

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You want to get involved, we need the help.

“Soldiers are now trading in their guns for cameras”


You want to support, we need the backers.

“Instead of blowing up bridges, we should be finding ways to build them”

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You know someone who would be interested.

“People are looking for purpose.  This is found when inspired.”

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