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Peacemaker Coalition Logo

Leverage the power of storytelling through media to explore and enhance the dynamics of human interaction, fostering understanding, empathy, and positive relationships among diverse communities.

The Broader Vision

Our ambition knows no bounds. While our journey begins at home, our ultimate aspiration is to take the Peacemaker Coalition's mission global, advocating for understanding and unity, one nation at a time.

Operational Support

The Peacemaker Coalition is continually assembling a collaborative team consisting of civilians and veterans, drawing on the unique expertise of each group. By combining the skills and experiences of media professionals with the diverse skillsets of military veterans, we aim to create a team of storytellers with exceptional talent.

Veteran Incorporation

With a foundation built on unity and human connection, we endeavor to bridge divides within disadvantaged communities. The cornerstone of our message is one of universal humanity – a call to embrace our shared existence. We'll embark on this journey by enabling our veterans through evaluation of skillsets, continual training, and encouragement to uplift and support their peers.

Mission Statement

We are a multimedia organization with a transparent and verifiable commitment to creating positive stories that elevate humanity to its highest purpose.


Our mission is to connect disparate groups at the local, regional, national, and global levels. We strive to identify shared values and common ground by facilitating positive interactions and alternative dialogues, promoting hopefulness and resolution. Our approach challenges traditional societal views by fostering collaboration among divergent groups and encouraging them to share their stories.


Our narrative is designed to provoke introspection and spark a change in perspective. We want individuals to delve deeper into the narrative of those around them, fostering an environment where peace is the default choice. By championing the rich tapestry of cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our global community, we underscore our shared human experience. Our similarities in emotion, aspiration, and hope far outweigh our differences at home or abroad.

Women's Issues

Worldwide, the landscape of women's issues remains complex, shaped by diverse cultural, social, economic, and political factors. While there have been advances in various domains, formidable challenges persist. Of utmost concern is the prevalence of violence against women, encompassing domestic abuse, sexual harassment, human trafficking, and female genital mutilation.


In many parts of the world, girls and women encounter substantial obstacles when it comes to accessing quality education, maternal healthcare, and opportunities for economic empowerment. Additionally, the North American region also grapples with the underreported and deeply distressing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) crisis. In this context, these women and girls experience a disturbingly disproportionate rate of violence, marked by instances of disappearance and murder.


Effectively addressing this crisis necessitates immediate interventions to ensure safety and justice for affected individuals. Yet, it equally demands sustained, long-term efforts aimed at dismantling the systemic issues that contribute to this cycle of violence. Through the Peacemaker Coalition, these untold stories are shared as a powerful call to action, amplifying the voices of those impacted and advocating for meaningful change.


The PEACEMAKERS produces content that highlights individuals who cross lines of conflict and ideology to connect with one another. Through storytelling, we aim to inspire people to look beyond surface-level differences and choose peace, empathy, and humanity. We celebrate the unique cultural and ethnic identities that make us all distinct while highlighting the emotional and human similarities we share domestically and abroad.


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